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Sardines en Escabèche

Sardines en Escabèche with toast

My son loves Rick Stein's amazing Sardines en Escabèche (recipe linked below) so, when I saw frozen sardines in the grocery store here, I laid in a supply for his next visit. I usually make this with fresh sardines but those don't show up on the Cape very often.

I had visions of the lovely ceramic container (that I use only for this recipe) full of the aromatic cured fish, and available for my son's evening snacking needs, after we had tasted it for his first dinner home. This made 20 XL sized sardine filets from the frozen fish, which I lovingly gutted and cleaned the day before his arrival. They were consumed on toast from homemade bread in under an hour. I had 1 1/2 filets.

Based on that, you do the math on how delicious this dish is...I really recommend making it, especially as sardines are REALLY good for you. It is somehow a festive dish, because it is unusual and the presentation is great so I have, on occasion, made it as part of dinner party fare.

Sardines en Escabèche with aromatics

Recipe, here. For once, not an inspiration one but followed to the letter!


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