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Cocktail Sauce

Cocktail Sauce

Yes, it is very easy to buy premade cocktail sauce and already cooked shrimp. This will taste delicious and festive, but not as delicious as the sauce illustrated above.

I always find that store bought cocktail sauce from the fish counter has a strange texture and that the bottled variety tastes of tinned tomatoes so I make my own. This takes but a minute and the return on investment in terms of flavor is immeasurable. This year I have been making it with homemade prepared horseradish which is a whole other level of sauce, but store bought horseradish works well too.

Make about a cup of cocktail sauce.

1 cup chili sauce (I use the one from Heinz which I think tastes the best of those that I have tasted)

Juice from one lemon

Splash of Worcestershire sauce

1-2 Tbsps of prepared horseradish (start with one and add as needed. I like a cocktail sauce which is on the edge of blowing out your sinuses from the horseradish spiciness, but doesn't quite.)

Whisk everything together in a large bowl and serve with cold poached shrimp.


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