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Pork Medallions "Paprikash"

I didn't have tomato so this is more in the spirit of "paprikash", but quite yummy none the less. I served this with roasted broccoli and crusty bread, but noodles or some grain to soak up the sauce would probably be an even better way to go.

a portion of pork medallions ( I used a bit under a third of a one pound pork tenderloin, cut into three slices for this)

2 tsps butter

1 clove garlic, crushed

1/2 tsp caraway seeds

1/2 tsp smoked paprika

1/4 tsp powdered bay leaf

1 Tbsp sour cream

Splash of dry white wine

Salt to taste

Mix the spices (including salt) together on a plate and roll the pork medallions in the spice mixture.

Melt the butter over low in a skillet, along with the clove of garlic. As soon as the butter is melted and bubbling, add the medallions to the pan. Cook for two and a half minutes, before turning over and cooking and additional two and a half on the other side. If your medallions are thin, they could be cooked in five minutes. If they are thicker, cook for an additional two to three minutes, basting with the pan juices as you do.

When the pork is cooked through, remove the medallions from the pan and place on a plate. tent with aluminum foil and set aside.

Put the pan with the garlic and pan juices back over the heat. Add the wine to the pan and cook for a minute or so, allowing the boiling liquid to cook off the alcohol.

When that is done, turn down the heat and add the sour cream to the pan. Cook stirring constantly until the cream is melted and the pan juices have emulsified with it to make a homogenous sauce.

Taste for seasoning before adding the pork medallions and any juices accumulated on the plate back into the pan. Baste with the sauce before serving.

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