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Sour Cherry and Rum Slushie

Sour Cherry and Rum Slushie

June is sour cherry season. You may be lucky enough to have a tree of your own or have seen these at your local farmers' market. I roasted those remaining in the freezer from last year and used the purée as a very successful summer cocktail base. I plan on making this Sour Cherry and Rum Slushie again with fresh fruit and reinventing it when peach season hits properly.

This makes one cocktail, just scale up for more.

1 oz dark rum

Juice from one lime

1 cup ice cubes

Lime wedge and tarragon sprig for garnish (optional)

Using a blender or Vitamix, purée the cherries, lime juice and rum together until you have a very smooth mixture.

Add the ice cubes to the mixture one by one, blitzing them until the drink becomes a slushie.

Taste and add more lime juice if needed and rum if wanted. Pulse to combine and serve in a tall glass with a straw.

Garnish as mentioned above and enjoy, preferably outside.


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