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The Unicorn

The Unicorn

This slightly over the top, county fair, Ferris wheel of a cocktail can also be made as a mocktail much to the delight of visiting small children who like the magic of the layers, the taste and the unicorn name.

I used vodka, but feel free to use whatever your favorite clear alcohol is, or none at all. Just make sure that you add the liquids in the proper order, and slowly, or you will lose the visual effect. Since this cocktail is half soda water, it makes for a good summer drink.

2 tsps grenadine syrup

1 Tbsp lime juice

1/3 cup chilled butterfly pea tea (available on Amazon and a must for anyone with small children around as this is a glorious blue which turns purple when it comes in contact with anything acidic like lime juice or lemon juice.)

2 oz clear alcohol

Soda water to top up the drink

Fill a tall glass with ice.

Taking your time, add the grenadine to the glass. Follow with the lime juice, the butterfly pea tea and the alcohol.

Take the glass to whatever the location is where you plan on drinking the cocktail -- front porch, backyard, lawn like me -- and once there top slowly with soda water.

A straw is a must for stirring up the cocktail prior to drinking it and, had I had some on hand, I would have added a cocktail umbrella.


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