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Cherry Blossom Vinegar

Cherry Blossom Vinegar

This cherry blossom vinegar adds a nice subtle floral acidity when added to the pan with fish that has been cooked in a dab of butter. It can also be used in dressings -- I like it, and some of the pickled blossoms from the jar, tossed with with warm green beans. If you like shrubs, some of this vinegar over ice, with a bit of Cherry Blossom Syrup to sweeten it, and topped up with soda water makes for a refreshing summer drink.

This could not be simpler - fill a container with clean, dry cherry blossoms from a tree that you know has not been sprayed with pesticides. Pack the blossoms in. Cover with raw, organic apple cider vinegar such as Bragg's. Make sure that everything is well submerged.

I add a few cherries to the container as I think that they enhance the color of the finished product, but that is an unnecessary step.

Set aside in a dark place for anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month before draining the vinegar from the spent blossoms. I shake everything up at about the two week mark before letting it infuse some more. This time I removed all of the spent blossoms after a week as the vinegar was beautifully colored and exceedingly floral already.

You can use the spent cherry blossoms in salads or, as a delicious garnish for devilled eggs.

Cherry Blossom Vinegar
This batch was ready in a week


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