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Chili Crisp Eggs

Chili Crisp Eggs

The first time that I made these chili crisp eggs, I served them as above, very simply, unadorned, over a piece of toast. The second time I made them, I added them to toasted buns along with melted cheese and bacon for a stellar breakfast sandwich, one that was so compelling upon construction that I forgot to photograph it before stuffing it down my maw.

The premise is easy - add a teaspoon of olive oil to a nonstick pan along with anywhere between half a teaspoon to a couple of teaspoons of chili crisp (store bought or homemade) depending on how much you like heat. As soon as the oil is very hot crack in an egg (or two) and fry until the yolk is as runny or as hard as you prefer.

How you devour this is up to you.


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