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Delicious Swamp Thing AKA the Montecito Green Smoothie

Delicious Swamp Thing AKA the Montecito Green Smoothie

When we lived in Montecito, I spent a lot of time with the mothers of my son's classmates, especially those who lived in the same compound as we did. I was used to socializing in the evening, in trendy restaurants and bars. These moms were by-the-pool-white-wine day drinkers and while-hiking socializers, both things new to me. These events often culminated with a stop to buy a green smoothie, an experience that took me a long time to get on board with; the smoothies always looked like something dredged up from an overgrown swamp and blended with hedge clippings, which put me off trying them for a long time.

The hiking and the smoothies eventually grew on me, so much so that I on occasion even make a smoothie for myself at home. They taste right on days when I feel that I need an infusion of leafy greens, or when I have overeaten the day before.

By the pool white wine drinking still remains an enigma as to its enjoyment factor. I say this with no judgement. I simply happen to remain a dance in the city streets after midnight wine drinker myself.

2 large handfuls of leavy greens (I usually use equal amounts of purple kale and baby spinach)

1 large handful of either organic seedless green grapes or cubed fresh pineapple

Juice and zest of one lime


Put the fruit, vegetables and lime juice and zest in a blender and blend well. Add enough water to dilute to the thickness that tastes best to you. I usually add about half a cup.

I like my smoothies like this, my son likes them slightly sweeter so I add a splash of maple syrup when I make him one. If you want to be fully California authentic, add some agave syrup.


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