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Easy Mango Sorbet

I am not a big dessert eater or maker, but my curry dinner for friends needed a dessert. I then remembered this really simple dessert that is delicious, and which you can zhuzh up as needed.

The basic recipe can be multiplied for as many people as needed. I have transcribed it for one, should you need a treat one evening just for yourself. It would, obviously be delicious with fresh seasonal mango, but a helpful dessert in the winter too.

1 cup of mango pieces from the frozen food section

2 tsps lime juice

Zest from 1 lime

Maple sugar to taste

1/3 cup heavy cream

Toss everything in the blender, wait five minutes for the mango to defrost a bit and blend until smooth.

Freeze until needed. Twenty minutes before using place in fridge to reach optimum texture.

In the case of my dinner party, I substituted the maple syrup for a quarter cup of simple syrup which I had infused with kaffir lime leaves whose fragrance permeated the sorbet. The recipe also works well with cardamom infused simple syrup. You can also substitute the heavy cream for coconut milk for a different taste. In the past, I have let this set and then swirled in raspberry purée for a prettier version.

There are many, many permutations of this and it is nice to have something easy on one's roster of desserts.


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