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Fork and Knife Dinner Toast

Those of you who very kindly follow this blog know that I am a huge fan of toast be it unadorned or fully loaded. There is so much that it can contribute to one's quick and easy dinner rotation!

I like my "Knife and Fork" toast dinner option a lot, called thus because the toast is so overloaded that one cannot pick it up and crunch away but one has to use utensils to eat it. I can have dinner on the table in ten minutes and it is ever adaptable, based on what I have in the fridge. I pour myself a glass of wine, assemble my toast while the oven preheats to 400 and set the table, make a mustardy vinaigrette and toss my greens in it while the bread toasts and the cheese melts.

The toast above is comprised of a slice of my favorite sourdough bread, a layer of thinly sliced roasted red beets, a layer of end of summer tomatoes and a layer of sliced Muenster, topped with baby greens and edible flowers tossed in a red wine and Dijon based vinaigrette.

The sky's the limit and options are endless -- any kind of bread, any kind of cheese, whatever vegetables you have on hand and your dressing and greens du jour.

Easy, perfect dinner. You're welcome.


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