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Tik Tok Grapes

I am not Tik Tok's target demographic but, somehow, read an article about Tik Tok food hacks the other day and came away with a few ideas. I am always on the lookout for items to eat on the rare occasions when I crave something sweet that do not involve too much work and which do not leave me with tons of leftovers which I then feel obligated to finish. This is why I do not make cake for myself for example.

The original Tik Tok hack consisted of tossing washed grapes, still slightly damp, in strawberry Jello powder and letting them freeze before eating them. I had grapes in the fridge and not only thought that I could manage the $1.49 investment in a package of Jello powder for curiosity's sake but that I could improve upon the hack.

I was quite happy with these. The neon green color was fun and the end result tasted a lot like cold sour patch kids. With a six grape portion needed to assuage a major sugar craving, this seemed like a winner.

2 cups green grapes, destemmed and washed

Juice and zest from 1 lime

1 Tbsp lime flavored Jello powder

Place the grapes in a Ziplock bag.

Add the lime juice and zest and toss to combine.

Add the Jello powder. Close the bag tightly and toss to combine, making sure that the powder is dispersed throughout the grapes, coating them on all sides.

Place in the freezer for at least three hours before trying them.


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