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Cherry Day Recipes

Cherry Day Recipes

There is no such thing as Cherry Day. I just decided that today was that day.

It is a gorgeous day here on the Cape. The cherry tree across the way is in full (and very beautiful) bloom and this morning, since I was up with the birds anyway because we have reached that point of Spring on the Cape where you feel that you live in an aviary from 4:30 am to 7:30 am, I felt inspired to go and clip a bowl of blossoms. I have made excellent cherry leaf wine from that tree in the past so feel that we have a good working relationship and hopefully the blossoms will be as fragrant as the leaves. I also have cherries in the freezer that I want to use up before cherry season is upon us again so I definitely have a theme for a kitchen project!

So, Cherry Day recipes which I will make today, and post as they are made, will include:

(to be used in dressings or to add a punch of floral acidity to fish dishes)

(for cocktails and summer desserts)

Sakura Shiozuke (Cherry Blossom Salt)

(very tasty with ceviche, on grilled fish or chicken, or on top of steamed rice or steamed broccoli)

(excellent with Greek yogurt, or stirred into homemade pot cheese, or as an accompaniment to roast duck, or used in the cocktail below)

(this cocktail will be a day late for the actual ceremony, but seems appropriate to this particular weekend, this particular ecologically minded King, and a nicely alliterative cocktail name to boot)

Should you decide to make any of these recipes, please make sure that you are using blossoms from a tree that is untreated with pesticides!


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