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Comfort Eggs on Toast

Even those of us who love to cook sometimes do not feel like it. These eggs hit the spot for dinner tonight -- they offer the creamy comfort of shirred eggs, without the fiddling around with ramekins and baking, and the hair-pulling annoyance of getting all the stuck-on bits off while washing the ramekins after you have eaten!

These eggs have much larger curds than regular scrambled eggs and adding the cream at the end make for particularly pillowy, fluffy eggs. I save them to make when I have had a bad day, or am really tired, and always think that Laurie Colwin would be proud of me when I eat them as they seem to form just the kind of dish that she would have liked.

Use the very best ingredients that you can get your hands on for this and eat this as they do in old British novels, on a tray, in bed, with a cuppa, a good book and a curled up cat.

2 farm-fresh, organic brown eggs

1 or 2 slices of your favorite bread, depending on the size of the loaf (I use sourdough for this and have access to an exceedingly large sliced loaf, hence my use of one slice of bread rather than two, although it probably is equivalent in calories to two slices of any other loaf of bread!)

2 tsps unsalted, creamery butter

1 Tbsp organic heavy cream

Maldon salt, or other finishing salt, to taste

Freshly ground black peeper to taste

Put the bread in the toaster.

In a small skillet, non-stick works best here, heat the butter over low heat until just melted.

Break the eggs directly into the pan. Using a spoon, stir gently in circles until the eggs are nearly set, thirty seconds to a minute.

Pour the cream over the top of the eggs and stir a few times gently, to combine with the eggs as they finish cooking, an additional thirty seconds to a minute more. Swirl the pan to better distribute the egg mixture in between stirs.

At this point, your toast should be done. Spoon the eggs over the bread and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

This is a five minutes to the table dinner.


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