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Crispy Tahini Chickpeas

Crispy Tahini Chickpeas

I saw these crispy chickpeas rolled in tahini on Instagram and, as both a snack and pulse lover, this sounded like a solid idea. I have attached the IG video below for those who would like to make this. I omitted the sesame seeds because my aging gums don't like them, forgot to add paprika hence the difference in color between the original recipe and mine, and it took me 40 minutes of cooking time until these were properly crunchy, much longer than the cooking time indicated in the inspiration video. Still, these made sense gustatorily.

I had a few handfuls for a snack tossed with a furikake seaweed mix, and served the rest with roasted carrots and parsnips on a bed of hummus as a textural element. This worked as an easy dinner.

Inspiration recipe, here.


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