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Self-Care Salad

Self-Care Salad

This is essentially a mixed salad, composed of various leftovers, but calling it a self-care salad made it sound more appealing to me as I was assembling it. And it was self-care, because I found it rather meditative to put together a dinner that I wanted to eat out of bits and bobs lingering in the fridge, and was pleased that my attempt to make the end result visually attractive rather than just bung everything into a bowl together succeeded.

There isn't a detailed recipe below, because yours will be different based on the contents of your fridge. This salad was a bit of a reminder to myself that a meal that I make for myself with care will make a difference to how I am feeling. And these days, it is the little things that get me through.

For those who do want to recreate the salad above, or cull ideas for their own creation, my salad was composed of some dandelion and lolla rosa leaves remaining from my weekly grocery shop, topped with roasted vegetables from a tray of assorted vegetables I had cooked earlier in the week (carrot and pumpkin batons and some tiny peppers), a couple of beautiful Campari tomatoes hanging around in the fruit bowl, a handful of charred green beans, some charred leek greens which I cooked in the same pan as the beans, and a third a can of cannellini beans that I marinated quickly in my favorite red wine vinegar and mustard dressing while I was assembling the rest of the salad.

See what dinner salad you can you put together from the bits and bobs in your fridge.


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