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Veggie "Club"

I didn't really want a salad for lunch even though I knew that I should, nor did I want deli meat in the sandwich that I craved. This is a combination of both those things, and a particularly delicious lunch due to the excellent chickpea spread that I came up with to use instead of mayonnaise. Store-bought hummus would work here as well but lack the freshness of the spread.

This is more of a list of suggestions than a recipe, as you should use what you have on hand. The general rule as far as I can tell is your favorite bread, spread or hummus, even an herb flecked mayo would work in a pinch, the veggies you have in your hydrator, greens or microgreens and something pickled, or some relish. Try to use different textures and shapes of vegetables for contrast, and toast the bread to add texture and to give you more leverage for holding everything together.

I used two slices of my favorite sourdough bread, both generously dolloped with my chickpea spread. I then layered thinly sliced tomatoes and radishes, carrot and zucchini ribbons, julienned red pepper, a tangle of pea shoots, the very last of last summer's batch of green tomato pickles chopped finely, sliced avocado and more chickpea spread.

It may not sound like much on paper, but this was a superlative sandwich. Give it a try.


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