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Four Season Nacho/Taco-esque Dinner

Four Season Nacho/Taco-esque Dinner

The title of "four season nacho/taco-esque dinner' is a really bad one, especially considering how good and how satisfying to eat this was and therefore deserving of a really pithy name. Still, I couldn't think of what else to call it -- it isn't quite nachos or a taco (though definitely in the family). Still, made you look!

This is a dish that can be adapted throughout the year. I made this version with crispy skinned salmon and tons of end of the summer veggies, but am already looking forward to a fall version with roasted squash and peppers, ground lamb and the last of the nasturtium flowers, and a winter version with all kinds of roasted root vegetables and a punch garlic and parsley sauce.

I used an Ezekiel tortilla. They are quite large (and dense), If using regular tortillas, your portion may be a two tortilla one.

1 or 2 tortillas

1 portion skin-on salmon filet, patted dry and salted on the flesh side

1 1/2 cups assorted seasonal vegetables (I used corn, assorted peppers, red onions and zucchini coins)

1/4 avocado

5 cherry tomatoes

2 Tsps chopped spring onion

1 tsp chopped coriander or your favorite herb

Juice from 1/2 lime

2 Tsps olive oil

Salt to taste

Sour cream, chilis in adobo, pickled jalapenos or your favorite hot sauce for garnish (optional)

Place the tortilla in a skillet over medium heat. Heat for about 30 seconds on each side so that the tortilla is warmed through. Set aside on a plate.

Add a teaspoon of the oil to the pan and, as soon as it shimmers, add your vegetables. Salt and cook for three to four minutes, stirring occasionally, until they are fork tender. Tip the vegetables onto the tortilla and spread to the edges.

Put the pan back on the hob over medium heat and add the remaining oil. As soon as the oil shimmers, add the salmon, skin side down. Cook for two minutes and then lower the heat. Cook for an additional four minutes before flipping the fish. My fish took an additional two minutes to be cooked through, but still juicy. If yours is thicker it may take a bit longer. Set the fish on your cutting board, skin side up, and cut into bite sized pieces. Place them on top of the vegetables on the tortilla.

Sprinkle them liberally with the relish that you will have made while the fish was cooking by mixing together the diced avocado, quartered cherry tomatoes, coriander, spring onion, lime juice and some salt.

Top with your garnishes and dig in! I wanted to pick this up but it was definitely a fork and knife meal. With smaller tortillas you could pick these up and I think that they would taste even better that way.


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