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Multigrain Bread

My sister and I recently drove to Vermont to visit my son and, as a surprise because my sister is lovely in that way (and in so many more), we made a pitstop at the King Arthur flour headquarters. Laden down with supplies, I came home after the weekend with many ideas for my future breadmaking.

I love making bread. It makes the house small delicious as it bakes and one has a true sense of accomplishment when it comes out of the oven, it is surprisingly easy to make yet people seem quite impressed when you serve it to them, and it is a very forgiving master.

This is the master recipe that I used, but I made a few substitutions in terms of the flour, using one cup of King Arthur's Super 10 Blend, 1 cup of rye, one cup of pumpernickel, one1 cup of unbleached all-purpose flour and half a cup of oats and letting it rise longer.

Go wild - made your own version and let me know what you did.


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