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Sockeye Salmon with Mint-Lime Sauce

...and pea shoots, and a potato...

My aunt wrote to tell me that not everyone uses a microwave and that I should take that into account and, while she has a point, I do have to say that everyone who cooks for themselves should experiment with a microwave.

It is energy and time efficient, cuts down on dishes to wash and makes the best fish that I cook. But, for those of you who are not fans or open to the idea of cooking with a microwave, mea culpa and there are other recipes on the blog that don't involve one. This one does. And the microwave is how I can get a full dinner on the table in under ten minutes.

1 sockeye salmon fillet of the size that you prefer

1 potato, well scrubbed

1 portion of pea shoots ( mine is a large handful), washed and roughly dried

1/2 cup mint leaves

1 Tbsp olive oil

2 Tbsps fresh lime juice

Salt to taste

Place your potato in the microwave for three minutes. Everything I have ever read on the topic says that one should always prick the potato in several places to avoid it exploding in the microwave, but I never have and one never has. Still, best do it so as not to blame me if you don't and it does!

While the potato is cooking, place your salmon fillet skin side down on a piece of parchment paper and salt well. Place the pea shoots over the top and fold and crimp the parchment paper into a tight package.

Once the three minutes for the potato cooking time have elapsed, add the salmon package to the microwave and turn the potato on to the other side. Microwave both items for an additional three minutes.

While they are cooking, add the remaining items to a blender and blend until smooth and emulsified. Check for seasoning. You may feel like two tablespoons of lime juice is a lot, but I find that mint can overwhelm other flavors and I wanted some of the lime sharpness to come through. Set aside until the microwave pings.

Remove the potato from the microwave, set on a plate and cut down the center lengthwise to allow some of the steam to escape while you organize the fish.

Open the package and remove the pea shoots to your plate. Gingerly lift up the fish, the skin should stick to the parchment paper and leave you with just the flesh to transfer to your plate. If it does not, use a knife to lift away a corner and the rest should follow easily.

Drizzle everything liberally with your mint sauce. If you have any left, it is delicious poured over sliced avocado or tomato, a grain bowl, grilled shrimp or mixed into a salad dressing.

This is a seven minutes and eight seconds to the table meal. Need I say more about the joys of the microwave?


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