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Divine Clementine!

I came up with this stellar cocktail -- visually gorgeous and absolutely delicious -- while my son was visiting for his spring break, and he came up with its name - how's that for good team work! We both really enjoyed this and I will be making it on rotation all summer long for our apéritif hour.

I used a Lambrusco to "gild the lily" (specifically a Cieto Chiarli Vecchia Modena Premium Lambrusco di Sorbara DOC Frizzante) but any not too sweet sparkling wine will do equally well in this or, in a pinch, just go with some soda water. I liked this cocktail because it was tart rather than sweet; feel free to add a bit of simple syrup or Velvet Falernum to the drink if you prefer your cocktails sweeter than I do.

This makes 2 cocktails.

3 clementines or small tangerines, well washed and quartered

2 jiggers of your favorite vodka

1 jigger Apérol

Juice from one lemon

Sparkling wine

Place the clementine quarters in a shaker and muddle very well.

Add the vodka, Apérol and lemon juice to the shaker. Top with ice, cover, and shake well to combine and chill.

Pour half the liquid into each of two ice filled glasses. Top with sparkling wine and garnish with peel or a mint sprig if so desired.


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