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Polenta and Bitter Greens

For some reason, I have been craving polenta - maybe because I have an ear of corn in the fridge that is asking to be used and this made me think of it. Polenta for one seemed a bit of a reach but the Internet, as so often is the case, provided a solution. The idea was to then serve the polenta with a mass of bitter greens, but I used both my arugula and dandelion greens in lunch salads which left me with spinach for dinner.

Based on your appetite, there may be some polenta left over for lunch the next day. Spread it into a square container while you are dishing out your dinner, making sure that it is spread in a layer of equal height. The next day pop the now congealed polenta out of the container, cut it in half, add some melty cheese to one half and top this with the other half. Cook your polenta sandwich in some butter, like a grilled cheese sandwich. You could add a poached egg on top if you felt like it, and a small green salad with a punchy dressing is always nice on the side.

1/4 cup corn meal

1 ear of corn shucked into kernels

2 large handfuls bitter greens (or baby spinach)

1 Tbsp goat's cheese or grated Parmesan

Juice from 1/2 a lemon

Salt and coarsely ground pepper to taste

Put the cornmeal, corn, water, salt and pepper in a microwave safe dish. Microwave for two and a half minutes.

While the polenta is cooking, wash the greens and add them to a large skillet, along with whatever residual water remains on the leaves. Turn the heat to medium and let the heat wilt the leaves. Stir from time to time.

When the microwave has pinged, remove the bowl and stir the contents very well. Place the polenta back in the microwave for an additional two and a half minutes.

By this time, the greens should have wilted and cooked through. Add the juice from the half lemon to the pan, stir, and lower heat to the lowest point.

As soon as the polenta has cooked, remove from the microwave and stir in your cheese.

Dish a portion into a dinner bowl and top with a tangle of cooked greens.

This is a seven minute and thirty six second to the table meal.


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