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Steamed and Roasted Winter Vegetables with Miso-Peanut Dressing

The thing about meal salads is that you really need to think about texture or the salad will not be satisfying and you will be hungry about an hour later. Since some of the vegetables here are steamed and others roasted, each bite tastes different, which is helped along by the fact that different textures and ingredient shapes are also involved -- I find that this cons my mind into believing that I ate a substantial meal. That being said, this salad includes a hearty dressing which definitely helps to fill you up and is delicious to boot.

2 baby bok choy - ends removed, halved and separated into individual leaves

1 leek - halved and very well cleaned, separated into individual leaves

1 carrot, peeled and cut into batons

4 Brussels sprouts, trimmed and halved

3 miniature potatoes, quartered

1 tsp chopped mint leaves

1 tsp chopped cilantro leaves

1 Tbsp white miso

1 Tbsp crunchy peanut butter

2 tsps rice wine vinegar

1 tsp maple syrup or honey

1/2 tsp hot sauce (I used Frank's but Sriracha would work well)

1 Tbsp olive oil

Juice from half a lemon lemon

Preheat the oven to 425 while you prep the vegetables.

Toss the carrot, Brussels sprout and potato pieces in a bowl along with the tablespoon of oil. Salt lightly and roast for twenty two minutes, redistributing on the tray at the half way mark.

In a pan, bring water to boil under a steamer set inside. Place the leeks and bok choy leaves in the steamer, cover and steam for twelve minutes. After twelve minutes turn off the heat, but allow the vegetables to continue to steam, covered, in the residual heat while the other vegetables finish roasting.

While the various vegetables are cooking, prepare the dressing by combining the miso, peanut butter, vinegar, maple syrup and hot sauce together. Add one tablespoon of water and whisk into a homogenized dressing.

Place all of the cooked vegetables in a serving bowl and toss with the lemon juice. Drizzle with the miso dressing and toss before scattering with the chopped herbs.


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